ENGIE Solutions provides sustainable energy and service solutions for cities, communities, industries and properties. We are on a transformative mission to create value through performance and common good, leading the carbon neutral transition with our clients across the region.

Part of the ENGIE Group, a global reference in low-carbon energy and services in 70 countries, ENGIE Solutions is your long-term partner in offering decarbonisation solutions to accelerate decentralised energy infrastructures through asset-based business models. We improve the efficiency and performance of our clients’ buildings, facilities and processes in terms of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, productivity and service life.

While our global presence gives us access to the most advanced technologies, vast skills and resources, and significant investments in R&D and sustainable research, ENGIE Solutions is firmly rooted in the region. We bring decades of experience delivering the right infrastructure management and energy optimisation solutions to our clients right here in the Middle East.

Our global presence combined with local expertise enable us to provide our clients with the right, locally-relevant solutions that yield real business results.

We are convinced that the transition to carbon-free energy is the foundation for harmonious progress and that your company, industry or local authority has a crucial role to play in order to achieve this. ENGIE Solutions helps you speed up the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, improving your infrastructure to give you a competitive edge, making your city, home and workplace more attractive.


ENGIE’s purpose (“raison d’être”) is to act to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally friendly solutions. The purpose brings together the company, its employees, its clients and its shareholders, and reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet. ENGIE’s actions are assessed in their entirety and over time.

Our Values


We are utterly focused on preparing for the future, constantly looking at the world in new ways and committed to identifying opportunities arising from changes in society. With access to a community that maximises our potential, we believe that everything is possible and we have the means and resources to achieve our goals. Our strength lies in our history and diversity, and we have a passion for experimentation, entrepreneurship and above all delivering.

Our Values


Our results are just as important as the means we use to achieve them. The kindness and respect that we have for our teams, our stakeholders and our work are central to our daily life. We have confidence in the women and men who make up the Group, we make every effort to ensure they achieve their full potential in complete safety and we are extremely demanding with regard to health and safety in the workplace.

Our Values


We are the forefront of the energy transition and all our teams and those providing associated services are required to perform to the very highest standards in pursuit of our aim. We are driven everyday by the constant search for progress and we spare no effort in meeting our clients’ and partners’ requirements. It is our collective commitment that defines us and makes us unique.

Our Values


Our commitment is global and knows no boundaries. We have built solid relationships with our stakeholders and are in constant dialogue with them. Our clients, suppliers, regions, regulators and obviously our colleagues as well as communities together create this outstanding richness, nurturing our ability to anticipate new needs, develop new solutions, diversify our activities, and expand our areas of expertise. Ever-curious and optimistic, we always work together as a team, pooling our talents both inside and outside the Group.

Ethics and Governance

ENGIE Solutions is committed to doing business in an ethical way. To achieve this goal, we have an established code of conduct that underpins our day-to-day strategic decisions, management and professional practices.



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