ELV Controls Engineer

Location - United Arab Emirates

Posted on - 04/24/24

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Job Purpose

Maintenance and operation controls of all ELV systems like BMS, ACS, PLC, FACP, CCTV, CMS, automatic barriers, and gates.
To administrate all documents related to the project.

Reporting To: MEP Manager
Department: Operations

Key Responsibilities

  • Monitoring and controlling of BMS/FACP/ACS/PLC/CCTV/Automatic gates workstation.
  • Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation, and performance of all ELV, instrumentation, and control systems, equipment, and components.
  • Supervise and inspect the installation, modification, testing, and operation of all ELV and control systems.
  • Reporting of critical and non-critical alarms in each ELV system daily, time to time.
  • Carry out fault rectification on each system and update Maximo.
  • Assisted with functionality and integration tests of the SCADA and FACP systems.
  • Coordinate with MMS to generate WO and follow up to close after rectification.
  • Schedule and organize the PPM activity, BMS, ACS, PLC, CMS, CCTV, automatic gates, and reporting.
  • Monitor and control BMS/ACS Server and do necessary backup of data.
  • Coordinate with the MEP/CIVIL team to perform corrective and PM activities.
  • Coordinate with third-party persons and assist with any test, or fault rectification for the ELV system.
  • Coordinate and carry out calibration for ELV system devices.
  • Carry out routine inspections for the system and report to the Supervisor/Engineer for mitigation.
  • Assist personnel with installation, configuration, and ongoing usability of IT/ ELV/Control systems and help train employees on its use.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues of networks and switches.
  • Supervise technicians and coordinate with other parties for interface systems.
  • Verify functionality of site-installed servers for BMS, ACS, and SCADA interfacing tools.
  • Training and development of technical staff and operators.
  • Improvements and initiatives on the system to the next level, value-added service to the client.
  • Implement and control Energy saving initiatives and projects.
  • Risk-based maintenance to be developed.
  • Technical Inspection needs to be carried out. Develop mitigations and corrections for MEP assets.
  • Develop obsolescence reports and communicate.
  • Verify the spares and maintain them. Identify critical spares to ensure the availability.
  • Develop maintenance plans, contract documents, job tasks, test checklists for maintenance, and updates necessary.
  • Assist and follow QHSE and audits for continuous improvement of organization standards.
  • Prepare material cost and timing estimates, reports, and design specifications for ELV and Control systems.

Skills Required

  • Communication skills.
  • Management skills.
  • Work in a multicultural environment.
  • Technical sound and route-cause analysis skills to resolve the issues.
  • Sound skills and experience in office/site administration.
  • Reporting.
  • Proficiency in using computer and MS Office packages.
  • Ability to understand complex systems and possess good IT skills.
  • Ability to follow instructions and complete technical report documentation.
  • Able to foster good relations with colleagues and be a good team player.
  • Able to work with minimum supervision under stringent deadlines and high-pressure environment.


  • Degree Graduate in Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years experience in relevant field

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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