Installation Manager

United Arab Emirates

Posting date: 12/26/22


The Installation Manager reports to the Project Director and deals with all practical aspects of site installation and commissioning. He/she oversees the preparation/tracking of the overall schedule and progress of work and coordinates the activities with the Work Coordinators, suppliers, and installation sub-contractors.

Reporting To:  Project Director

Key Responsibilities

  • Acting as the operational interface with the SPV and the Client on-site for the implementation of the project,
  • Directly managing two Work Coordinators,
  • Reviewing and approving procedures related to installation and commissioning,
  • Validating the completion of each milestone and reporting it to the Project Director
  • The Installation Manager will be directly responsible for the on-time delivery of the project works under a time-certain, cost-certain contract.
  • Ensure the safe execution of the works.
  • Report the work progress in real-time.
  • Define, with the help of the workshop coordinators and subcontractors, any schedule slippage or delays and identify mitigation measures to keep interim and final milestones
  • Coordinate the resourcing (manpower and equipment).
  • Organize the installation works and corrective actions on site.
  • Update the program to match the milestones.
  • Implement the QHSE plan on-site and in collaboration with the HS Manager.
  • Ensure the quality of the work.
  • Ensures compliance with labour regulation, safety, internal rules as well as environmental requirements (prevention plan, …)
  • Ensure the installation subcontractors obtain and execute all necessary work permits and licenses.
  • Provide technical advice and instructions.
  • Ensure interface with Project Director on all matters regarding resource flexibility and means (staff allocation planning and schedules).
  • Leads weekly construction site meetings.
  • Attends coordination meetings and writes synthesis execution plans.
  • Writes up works proposals.
  • Makes proposals for solutions supporting the progress of the works.
  • Supervises Work Coordinators.
  • Manages all issues related to working implementation to find the timeliest solutions. In case of delays, he/she will liaise with the relevant authority or client.
  • Proactively rescheduling installation subcontractors’ teams’ activities depending on joint activities issues not identified previously.
  • Ensures schedule compliance while maintaining quality and safety and environmental standards
  • Responsible for all supplies and logistics matters (in coordination with the Procurement and contracts Manager).
  • Prepares work site general conditions (in particular, writes up the site management plan).
  • Consolidates detailed scheduling and progress monitoring plans.

Skills Required

  • Strong organization and scheduling skills
  • Very good skills in logistics and planning
  • Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently
  • The Installation Manager candidate must perfectly know the functions of the working coordinator and team manager, that he coordinates.
  • Strong public lighting installation experience is a plus


  • 15 years of experience in city infrastructure installation work across the Middle East region, ideally street lighting retrofit experience or similar works in streets, boulevards, and highways, while traffic is active.
  • Must hold an advanced technical, project management or engineering degree.
  • Experience in the network works or work on public streets is a plus.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • English (required) / Arabic (strong advantage) / French (desirable)

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