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    Ail Industries

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    Sharjah, UAE

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    Energy Saving Services and Solutions

  • Annual Energy Reduction

    372,000 Kwh

  • Annual Energy Savings

    AED 160,000

  • Annual CO2 Reduction

    252 Tons

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Ail Industries


AIL Industries, part of Gibca Group, is a first-class international supplier of decorative architectural castings in aluminum, brass, and bronze that also design and manufacture alloy systems for subsea structures and vessels in the offshore and marine industries.

AIL approached ENGIE Solutions to explore cost effective ways to reduce energy consumption related to the factory, office building and staff accommodation. The energy audit conducted by ENGIE Solutions highlighted significant opportunities for savings, mainly targeted at the facility’s DX (direct expansion) AC units and metal halide lighting. The lighting in the factory was responsible for nearly 700 MWh in annual electricity consumption.


ENGIE Solutions assessed the metal halide fixtures in place and identified induction lamps as a suitable replacement. A mockup was conducted to assess not only energy consumption, but also light quality, considered to be vital to operations within the space.

Following the mockup, ENGIE Solutions’ analysis indicated that the induction lamps would consume 54% less energy than the extant metal halides while lasting nearly five times longer. The induction lamps also improved the space lighting in terms of lumens and colour temperature. The induction lamps boosted the lumens level by 25%. Having demonstrated the viability of the replacements, ENGIE Solutions successfully installed the induction lamps in all the areas of the factory.

AIL Industries will save AED160,000 a year and will have its investment paid back in less than 17 months.