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    Dubai Properties

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    Dubai, UAE

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    Energy Saving Services and Solutions

  • Annual Energy Reduction

    2663 mwh

  • Annual Energy Savings

    AED 1,171,720

  • Annual CO2 Reduction

    1,977 Tons

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Al Khail Gate 2 b


The Dubai Properties group required a centralized Building Management system at Al Khail Gate Phase II, 33 (G+8) residential apartments, to integrate the BMS of each building. The objective was to allow the asset managers to monitor and control all the HVAC and electrical equipment from a single point and to properly schedule the operation of the equipment, thereby improving the energy efficiency and reducing downtimes due to equipment maintenance.

The client was looking for a secure and reliable wireless solution, as it was nearly impossible to lay cables in the fully occupied community.


ENGIE Solutions integrated the buildingsĀ“ BMS through dedicated controllers that communicate to the central server located in the asset management office over a seamless and reliable wireless network.

All existing data points (66,000 in total) were mapped by the central server software. The centralized server acts a single user interface through which key data sets can be trended and analyzed with ease.

Other features of the centralized BMS include

  • Supports an unlimited number of users over the Internet/ Intranet with a standard web browser,
  • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail alarm acknowledging
  • Access to graphics, schedules, and configuration data with a standard web browser
  • Scheduling the operation sequence of the HVAC equipment based on best practices recommended by ENGIE Solutions

It is estimated that Al Khail Gate Phase II will cut its energy bill by 15%- 20% in 2016.

Al Khail Gate 2