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    Angers Loire Metropole, France

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    Design, Build, Financing, Maintenance/Operate, Supply

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Angers Loire Metropole has 290,000 inhabitants including the city of Angers and 28 other near cities, it is located in the western center of France. The city needs to move from an innovation territory to a smart one, accelerate their ecological transition, improve public services for citizens, optimize public services costs and increase the attractiveness of the city.

The value propositions of this project are:


Improving the quality of life in the city
Security of data
Improving technical management of the 4,000 territory’s technical team
Enhancing water quality


Reduction of light pollution
Energy savings for public buildings 20%
Water savings for green spaces 30%
Water: -20% flow rate of night leaks


Energy savings on 12 years:
Energy savings due to smart lighting: 11 million euros
Energy savings due to smart building: 9 million euros
Water savings: 13 million euros
Waste savings: 14 million euros

Scope of Work

  • LIVIN’ALM: for cross-referencing territorial data and global management
  • Digital Twin: decision making, aggregate the data, unite stakeholders
  • Public Lighting – Traffic light management: illuminate, secure, develop new uses, management of 50,000 lighting points
  • Public Buildings: control and technical management for buildings, monitoring
  • Water and sanitation: save resources and manage the service in real time
  • Waste: Accountability of users, waste minimization and optimization (30 cameras for unauthorized dumping detection)
  • Green spaces – security – health well-being – Traffic light signaling
  • Parking: improved traffic, flow across the territory 600 parking sensors
  • Security: a safety hypervisor