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    Dubai, UAE

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    Energy Saving Services & Solutions

  • Annual Energy Reduction

    301,657 kWh/IMG

  • Annual Energy Savings

    AED 131,328

  • Annual CO2 Reduction

    301,657 kWh/IMG

  • Payback Period

    3.56 years



CPL Aromas is a world class leading fragrance house. They singularly focus of their creativity, innovation and energy into making fragrance that ignite the imagination.

ENGIE Solutions conducted an energy audit at CPL AROMAS factory in Jebel Ali. During the energy audit, it was identified that the building annual energy bill was AED 0.59 million and that it could be reduced by almost 22% through the implementation of different energy conservation measures (ECMs).


Following the presentation of the WTA report, it was agreed with the Client to implement the proposed ECMs. The ECMs together will contribute to almost AED 131,328 /year in savings (22%) with an investment of AED 466,991 and an average payback period of 3.56 years.

The energy conservation measures proposed by Engie solutions included replacement of DX AC units to Inverter technology-based AC units, Chiller Plant Manager, Demand based control of Air Handling units, Adiabatic Cooling system, replacement of conventional lights to LED. All replacements were made maintaining the standards of operation of the factory.

Along with the implementation of these ECMs, ENGIE Solutions will install energy management systems to monitor & control the HVAC operations.