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    Dubai Investments

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    Dubai, UAE

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    Energy Saving Services and Solutions

  • Annual Energy Reduction

    1,100,000 kWh

  • Annual Energy Savings

    AED 654,000

  • Annual CO2 Reduction

    146 Tons

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Dubai Investments is one of the largest real estate and industrial groups in Dubai. Its headquarters are located in the heart of Dubai Investment Park, which belongs to the same group.

The headquarters building is a 6-story concrete building with approximately 80% of its façade covered by windows (double glazed). The cooling demand is primarily supplied by a district cooling plant. Electricity consumption is primarily associated with the operation of the HVAC system and lighting. Its annual electricity and cooling load consumption are respectively 5.5 million kWh and 1.2 million TR.

The management of the company contacted ENGIE Solutions to undertake a thorough assessment of the energy and water consumption profi¬le in order to identify potential opportunities for energy savings.


The ENGIE Solutions team measured the energy and water consumption of the building for three weeks. The analysis was done by combining the company’s installed BMS and BTU, electricity and water meters as well as consultants’ smart meter that was temporarily installed in key consumption areas. The measurement and data collection was done around the clock on an hourly basis seven days a week.

The energy auditors analyzed the information in combination with a detailed analysis of the existing air conditioning and lighting systems. One of the striking outcomes of the analysis was the fact that 62% of the total electricity consumption took place during non-working hours. After assessing the consumption patterns, the ENGIE Solutions team was able to identify several initiatives that could signifi¬cantly reduce the electricity and load consumption. From initiatives as simple as turning off the lights after 6 office areas, to solutions that involve resetting the room temperature at night, or even replacing CFL lights with LED in corridors and common areas. Another major finding from the audit was the continuous water consumption and water pump operation even during non-working hours, which was a clear indication of water leakage, which was estimated at 1.5 million imperial gallons a year.

ENGIE Solutions provided a detailed description of each of the energy saving initiatives and ranked them according to the total savings and investment requirements. The total energy savings was AED 654,000 a year for initiatives with a payback of less than a year. The total annual savings that the company could gain represented more than 20 times the cost of the energy audit.

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