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    Pioneer Cement Industries (PCI)

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    Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

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    Energy Saving Services & Solutions

  • Annual Energy Reduction

    13.6 MWh

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The Client

Pioneer Cement Industries (PCI) is one of the largest and modern cement manufacturers in the UAE. The factory is located in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, and features a state-of-the- art1.20 Million Ton capacity plant.

PCI is a subsidiary of Raysut Cement Company, Oman’s largest cement manufacturer.


Pioneer installed a 2 MW organic rankine cycle (ORC) waste heat recovery system in 2017 that failed achieving commercial operation due to fundamental design flaws by the EPC. ENGIE Solutions was called in to diagnose the underlying design pathologies and prescribe the necessary corrective actions required to achieve the commissioning of the asset.
ENGIE Solutions carried out a series of actions to achieve the system’s successful commissioning, specifically:

  • Diagnostic design review to pinpoint the critical failure points
  • Corrective design of main elements and control philosophy
  • Supervision of the implementation of corrective actions
  • Cold and hot commissioning

The system was successfully re-started in November 2019, becoming the GCC’s first successful application of ORC technology for industrial heat recovery.