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    United States of America

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    Solar PV system 1.7MWp

United States of America


Target is one of the oldest and largest by revenues US based general merchandise retailer and discount store chains for the B2C market.

With 1,868 stores, 41 distribution centers in the US and 20 offices globally, Target operates both on the supply chain, at stores and online.

As a leader in transitioning to renewable energy, Target now has a company goal to source 100% of its electricity usage from renewables energy by 2030.

Due to its size and location, Target’s Phoenix Distribution Center proved to be an excellent opportunity to add rooftop solar.

Scope of Work

The system utilizes 4 points of interconnection in order to meet local utility regulation.

ENGIE designed the system in the shape of Target’s iconic bullseye logo. Located near the Phoenix airport, it can be seen from flights approaching the airport from the west.

Expected to produce over 43 GWh over the life of the Solar Lease term.

Lowers the cost of electricity at the Distribution Center.

United States of America