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    Dubai, UAE

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    Energy Saving Services and Solutions

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    6.4M KWh

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    2833 Tons

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Villa Lighting project Challenge


Many villas in Dubai use light bulbs that are not energy efficient. This has caused electricity bills to increase significantly and has raised concerns for many families in Dubai. The main challenge was selecting the right light bulbs that are energy efficient, which produce the same amount of light, and accommodate different types of villas and villa owners.


ENGIE Solutions shortlisted the following energy savings solutions:

  • Identifying lamps to be replaced as per the contract
  • Existing light bulbs were replaced with high energy efficient LEDs including LED spotlight, LED tubes and LED GLS type
  • Recycling of replacement lamps

The villas lighting energy consumption was reduced by 80%. This project was a massive success and new initiatives are already in the pipeline to enlarge the scope of the energy conservation measures in the villas.

Villa Lighting project 02