How did Luik Natie, a leading logistics solutions company in Belgium reduce 2900 tonnes of CO2 emissions with ENGIE’S Distributed Solar PV solution?

As part of their carbon neutrality initiative, Luik Natie, a company specialized in logistics solutions,  wanted to reduce their CO2 emissions by decarbonizing their industrial activities with a local renewable energy production.

The ENGIE Solution: An on-site integrated energy ecosystem 

ENGIE implemented an integrated solution that included solar panels, battery storage and an energy management system that helped our client decarbonize their activities with a local renewable energy production. This included 5,000 solar panels deployed on a surface area of 28,000 m2, that complemented a 3 MW production capacity wind turbine previously installed. The solution also enabled an increase in more than 20% of Luik Natie’s self-consumption capacity thanks to a battery storage system that was installed in addition to the photovoltaic panels. Additionally, an 88 kW electric charging station connected to the solar panels on the Luik Natie site powered the company’s electric vehicle fleet.

A Tesla battery, with a capacity of 1.25 MWh, was installed on site to store the energy that was produced at the facility, and consume it when there is no wind or sun. An intelligent energy management system developed by ENGIE Laborelec, the Group’s research centre, made it possible to optimized the management of different equipment at the site.

How was this innovative project financed? ENGIE, with our BOOT model (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) financed the installations and covered the maintenance for 10 years after which there was a transfer of ownership to the customer. Luik Natie is now less dependent on the electricity grid and the fluctuations of the energy market prices and is the first carbon-neutral operator in the port of Antwerp.

1.7 MWp

Photovoltaic Power Generated


Solar Panels Installed

4.7 MW

Total On-site Renewable Production Capacity

1.25 MWh

Battery Capacity for Excess Solar & Wind Power

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