How did Masdar City, UAE, achieve 30% energy reduction with ENGIE’s Integrated Facilities Management?

Masdar City is a pioneer in sustainability and a hub for research and development, spearheading innovations to realize greener, more sustainable urban living. The city is home to a rapidly growing clean-tech cluster, business-free zone and residential neighbourhood with restaurants, shops, and public green spaces.

Sustainability is a crucial objective for Masdar City and in order to support this goal and they wanted to ensure energy management activities were carried out in a systemic manner.

The ENGIE Solution: Total facilities management

ENGIE Solutions took over the hard facilities management services for Masdar City. Since sustainability was a priority for the customer, several innovative forms of technology to reduce utility consumption were introduced.

ENGIE Solutions was awarded the ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System (EnMS) certification for the provision of facilities management services at Masdar City, which ensures energy management activities are carried out in a systematic manner to improve energy performance. Objectives and targets are regularly set and reviewed to drive year-on-year energy performance improvements for Masdar City. The EnMS includes the understanding of the premises’ efficiency and benchmarking, setting objectives and targets to improve energy performance with opportunities for efficiencies being identified and managed through the fully integrated Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system. The scope includes:

  • Management of approximately 50K MEP & civil assets
  • Maintaining more than 3500 firefighting equipment 
  • Managing and coordinating with Masdar contractors & subcontractors, which includes the review of MSRAs & issuance of work permits across Masdar City
  • Taking over all newly completed projects from the construction contractors including necessary document verification 
  • Maintaining the LEAD O&M Certification 
  • Maintaining sustainable procurement during service deliveries


  • Timely implementation of ASHRAE energy audits 
  • Monthly review of indoor air quality for all Masdar buildings 
  • Increase in asset reliability by implementing IoT sensor solutions. 
  • Reduce landlord energy consumption vs baseline overall by 30% in buildings including Incubator, IRENA, Siemens and NCP
  • 2.9 million AED reduction in energy compared to baseline (775k in 2021)
  • 7 energy audits completed (ASHRAE Level 2 and 3)
  • ISO 50001 Recertification for expanding portfolio. 


Total Man Hours

30 %

Reduced Energy Consumption

AED 2.9 Mn

Reduction in Energy


Energy Audits Completed

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