How did the city of Angers Loire Metropole, France improve the quality of life for its residents with innovative solutions for their public lighting infrastructure?

Angers Loire Metropole has 290,000 inhabitants including the city of Angers and 28 other cities located in the western center of France. The city wanted to transition to a smart city, accelerate their energy transition, improve public services for citizens, optimize public services costs and increase the overall attractiveness of the city.

The ENGIE Solution: Public lighting infrastructure 

ENGIE implemented the public lighting infrastructure solution that would focus on decarbonization and environmental sustainability with tools for effective management, facilitating data-driven decision-making across various parts of the city. This included:

  • Public Lighting and Traffic Light Management: Overseeing a network of 50,000 lighting points that ensured operational efficiency while accommodating future advancements in lighting technology. Traffic flow and pedestrian safety was optimized with intelligent traffic light management solutions
  • Public Buildings Control and Monitoring: Key performance indicators were put in place to ensure optimal building functionality, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency. 
  • Water and Sanitation Management: A real-time management system for water and sanitation services that would monitor and respond promptly to fluctuations in demand and supply, thereby adopting resource-saving measures
  • Waste Management and Optimization: A framework that promoted user accountability and minimized waste generation and reduced environmental impact. Deployed a network of 30 cameras to detect unauthorized dumping and ensure proper waste disposal practices
  • Parking Management and Traffic Flow Improvement: Integrated a network of 600 parking sensors to optimize traffic flow and alleviate congestion across the urban landscape thereby improving overall parking management and enhancing the accessibility and convenience of parking spaces
  • Safety Hypervisor: A comprehensive safety hypervisor system that monitored and ensured the safety of various urban activities along with an advanced surveillance and response system to proactively address potential safety concerns

20 %

Energy Savings for Public Buildings

30 %

Water Savings for Green Spaces

20 %

Reduction in Night Time Water Flow Wastage

11 Mn

Energy Savings due to Smart Lighting

9 Mn

Energy Savings due to Smart Buildings

13 Mn

Water Savings

14 Mn

Waste Savings

Are you ready to lead energy transition through reduced energy consumption and more environmental friendly solutions?

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