How the city of Uberlândia, Brazil generated 49.39% of energy savings with ENGIE’s public-private partnership (PPP) model lighting infrastructure solution?

Uberlândia is the second largest municipality in the state of Minas Gerais in population. The city is ranked among the 60 most intelligent cities in Brazil according to the Connected Smart Cities 2019 ranking, particularly in the areas of technology and innovation, environment, mobility and accessibility. Uberlândia wanted to enhance its public lighting infrastructure to showcase its commitment to technological advancement, environmental consciousness, and reducing costs. ENGIE financed a street lighting public-private partnership (PPP) model in Uberlândia by modernizing its lighting park and implementing smart solutions. Uberlândia was able to successfully align its urban development with the principles of efficiency and sustainability, setting a precedent for other cities aspiring to optimize their operations and enrich the lives of their residents.

The ENGIE Solution: Retrofitting street lighting units with LED technology

The 20-year agreement covers the administrative concession for that modernization, enhanced efficiency, expansion, operation and maintenance of the public lighting network in the municipality. The partnership entails retrofitting of more than 87 street lighting units with LED technology, generating energy savings of at least 49.39%.

  • Cost-Effective Public Lighting: Overhauling more than 87,000 lighting points and transitioning completely to 100% LED lighting that would reduce ensure both energy efficiency and reduced maintenance needs
  • Modernization Initiative: Significant investment allocated to modernize the public lighting park, embracing cutting-edge technologies for better performance and environmental impact
  • Sustainable Management: Implementation of smart lighting solutions accounting for 20% of the project to ensure long-term operation and maintenance of its public lighting infrastructure, aligning with its commitment to sustainability. Also, illuminated 12 historically significant sites using flood lighting techniques
  • Milestone: The city was ranked among the 60 most intelligent cities in Brazil according to the Connected Smart Cities 2019 ranking


Reduction in Public Energy Consumption


Reduced Cost Impact

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