Redefining facility management thanks to a groundbreaking operating model at International Maritime Industries

In 2020, ENGIE Solutions was selected as the Facility Management Agent (FMA) for the International Maritime Industries (IMI) mega project in Ras Al-Khair, Saudi Arabia. The 12 million sq. km facility, boasting over 500 buildings and designed for a workforce exceeding 23,500, is poised to become MENA’s most extensive maritime development and a symbol of KSA’s commitment to maritime excellence.

The development is expected to generate 80,000 jobs and contribute significantly to the local economy, with an anticipated $12 billion in revenue and a $17 billion boost to the national GDP.

Innovative Facility Management by ENGIE Solutions

The IMI project has redefined facility management (FM) thanks to a groundbreaking operating model. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted IMI’s Facilities Management and Support Services team (FM&SS) and the ENGIE FMA team to deviate from traditional FMA contracts in favor of a flexible, adaptive approach.

This shift from standard FM hierarchies has been pivotal to ENGIE’s success, showcasing adaptability and innovation in the face of adversity. Subsequently, ENGIE’s FMA team implemented a transformative approach by recruiting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with deep expertise in various domains – from transportation logistics, catering services, pest control, waste management, or soft and hard services – fostering teamwork, knowledge-sharing, and collective pursuit of service excellence. This strategic assembly of world-class SMEs enabled the team to swiftly navigate the challenges of a dynamic environment and balance cost-effectiveness with practical, solution-oriented strategies.

The seamless coordination between IMI and stakeholders, including clients, contractors, suppliers, and key personnel, empowered IMI FM&SS and ENGIE Solutions teams to swiftly address and surmount challenges. By aligning goals and collaborating closely, the ENGIE FMA team was able to tailor facility management services based on IMI’s unique requirements.

Faced with the complex task of delivering comprehensive services for a large project, the ENGIE FMA team innovated beyond conventional boundaries, subsequently developing Bespoke Pricing Methodologies. The resultant specialized pricing methodologies deviated from standard lump sum or unit rate contracts, ensuring cost-efficiency, fairness, and transparency. By integrating these methodologies into contracts, the ENGIE FMA team established a consistent framework for commercial evaluation, boosting both efficiency and effectiveness.

ENGIE Innovations

Prioritizing health and safety, the ENGIE FMA team created an adaptable Risk Assessment mobile application. Customized by ENGIE, the tool has been integrated with various systems, including the IMI Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system. The app allows for comprehensive risk assessments during task execution, offering users pre-set templates based on the task at hand, assessing potential hazards, and applying corresponding control measures.

ENGIE Solutions’ forward-thinking strategy for the IMI project also involved implementing SMART O&M and IoT integration to elevate facility management by utilizing cutting-edge technology to continuously monitor and enhance facility operations. IoT devices throughout the complex provide critical data on energy usage, equipment functionality, and environmental conditions, facilitating proactive management and maintenance.

Further, the synergy of SMART O&M and IoT enables ENGIE Solutions to achieve exceptional operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The benefits include real-time oversight, automated processes, and intelligent controls, leading to energy optimization, minimized downtime, and better resource management. These advanced technologies position IMI at the forefront of innovation and set new industry standards.

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