Cooling as a Service (CaaS) involves clients paying for the cooling service instead of investing in the infrastructure that delivers the cooling. ENGIE Solutions owns the cooling system, maintains it, and covers all operational costs including electricity.

Cooling as a Service: Efficient cooling equipment for clients without capital expenditure

ENGIE Solutions’ Cooling as a Service (CaaS) is a pay-per-service model for cooling systems. It eliminates upfront investment in cooling technology for clients. Customers instead pay per unit of cooling they consume. This also strengthens the incentive for efficient consumption.

ENGIE Solutions finance, install, operate & maintain chiller plants. Our client pays through a pay-per-use model, therefore has no capital and only operational expenditure.

This aligns incentives for efficient production and consumption and also lowers your life cycle cost for efficient cooling.

Capital Purchase vs. CaaS

Capital Purchase

  • CAPEX Investment Required
  • Costs Are Fixed
  • Operations & Maintenance Excluded
  • In House or Subcontracted Services
  • Performance Risk

Cooling as a Service

  • No CAPEX Investment
  • Pay Per Use
  • Operations & Maintenance Included
  • Full Out-Sourcing of Cooling Service
  • Guaranteed Performance

CaaS Process

Assess Client's Needs

Sign CaaS Contract

Install Operate & Maintain

Make Monthly Payments

as a Service