Cooling as a Service: Energy efficient and clean cooling solution without capital expenditure

Cooling as a Service (CaaS) enables our clients to benefit from a clean and energy efficient cooling solution with no capital outlay.

You simply pay for the cooling you use; our incentive is to design, finance and install the most energy-efficient cooling solution supported by our expertise in plant maintenance, asset performance and longevity.

Capital Purchase vs. CaaS

Capital Purchase

  • CAPEX Investment Required
  • Costs Are Fixed
  • Operations & Maintenance Excluded
  • In House or Subcontracted Services
  • Performance Risk

Cooling as a Service

  • No CAPEX Investment
  • Pay Per Use
  • Operations & Maintenance Included
  • Full Out-Sourcing of Cooling Service
  • Guaranteed Performance

CaaS Process

Assess Client's Needs

Sign CaaS Contract

Install Operate & Maintain

Make Monthly Payments

Cooling contributes to climate change by increasing demand for electricity, much of which is still generated from fossil fuels, and through leakage of refrigerants, which have a much higher global warming potential than CO2 emission

- United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)