The Pathway to Industrial Decarbonization

The Pathway to Industrial Decarbonization


10:00 - 14:00

Hilton Garden Inn, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

About the Industrial Energy Audit Initiative Knowledge Sharing Session

Achieving Net Zero will require commitments to energy transformation journeys that go far beyond the incremental changes most companies are accustomed to and incentivized to make. This is particularly true for companies in hard-to-abate industries, characterized by high emissions and energy intensity. Decarbonizing on-site utilities is essential for organizations looking to move toward a zero-carbon future, and even more so for organizations that own or produce energy with large, energy-intensive assets.

Key takeaways for the attendees

  • What are on-site utilities, a holistic solution for industrial energy needs?
  • How can companies overcome the challenges they face to decarbonize their operations such as technological readiness, financial commitment, operational challenges, availability of alternative energy sources, stakeholder buy-in and corporate governance?
  • How can companies move beyond quick wins while navigating the uncertainty of future regulation and energy markets?
  • How can industrial and manufacturing companies play a vital role for most other sectors given their role in the supply chain?
  • What are the strategies and processes companies can apply to achieve effective strategy implementation?




10:00 am

Registration and welcome

10:30 am

Opening session: Taking Charge of the Energy Transition Narrative

10:45 am

Introduction to On-site Utilities: A Holistic Solution for Industrial Energy Needs

11:00 am

Speaking session: The United Arab Emirates’ First Long-Term Strategy (LTS) & COP 28 from the Lens of Heavy Industry

11:20 am

Panel discussion: How can industrials strike the perfect balance with growth centric decarbonizing strategy?

12:00 pm

Open House and Q&A

12:15 pm


2:00 pm

Session ends


The Pathway to Industrial Decarbonization

Dr. Pablo Izquierdo

Head of Energy Services Section
RAK Municipality

The Pathway to Industrial Decarbonization

Olivier Milhaud

General Manager
Holcim LEC UAE

The Pathway to Industrial Decarbonization

Amr Nader

Co-Founder & CEO

The Pathway to Industrial Decarbonization

Vincent Montanet

Head of On-site Energy Production
ENGIE Middle East

The Pathway to Industrial Decarbonization

Alexander Alzamora

Head of Technical
Energy Solutions
ENGIE Middle East