ENGIE Solutions uses Smart Building Technology to transform the way we operate buildings and infrastructure.

Our technical insights provide visibility and understanding of cost across your portfolio, employing the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and open protocol technology. The ultimate aim is for our solutions to drive down your OPEX through O&M and energy optimization, while improving CAPEX by focusing on asset lifecycle.

Our Smart Buildings and Analytics Platform combines world-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology to automatically and continuously assess for potential savings, as well as predicting maintenance issues before they happen.

From our Operation Control Centre, we proactively monitor and control assets, ensuring proactive operational and energy management. Furthermore, our service helps our clients to make data-driven decisions about asset lifecycle and replacement.

Integrated Controls for
Engineering & Environment

We deploy the latest mobile applications for our staff, management and clients to provide full details and transparency of our clients solutions

We offer all our clients the latest robotic technology including robotic cleaning and air quality monitoring

The ENGIE Solutions Operational Control Centre is the heartbeat of our operations. All our services and solutions are integrated in one location where we offer a 24-hour monitoring service to our clients.

We use our O&M platform and Smart Building Technology to remotely and proactively monitor the operation and maintenance of all your assets. This allows us to predict maintenance issues before assets fails, thereby making data-driven decisions about asset lifecycle and replacement

We deploy Smart Mobility technology to deliver an efficient, on-time, cost effective and professional service

We deploy advanced IoT temperature, humidity, vibration, lux, motion, air quality sensors to collect and analyse engineering and environment data that traditional building services systems do not measure. This allows us to deliver market-leading solutions to our clients for energy and facilities management services

We implement indoor air quality services utilising our IoT and robotic technology. This is of particular interest to the hospitality sector and office environments, as the impact of poor IAQ can lead to illness and detrimental staff performance

We use Smart Buildings and Analytics Platform, combine world leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology to improve control of your energy costs. This also allows proactive efficiency analysis of your assets which automatically identifies any issues and extends asset life.

We use the latest open protocol Smart Control technology to both control and monitor your assets remotely. This drives continuous optimisation and operational efficiency, as well as reducing reliance on dated/legacy systems