Making the city of tomorrow energy-efficient and turning it into a smart city, is one of ENGIE’s core ambitions.
ENGIE Solutions

1 million

light points managed

>100 cities

with smart solutions

Up to

200 GWh

energy savings compared to conventional systems

We have built up a broad range of expertise oriented towards decarbonizing the cities hinged around efficient street lighting and connectivity & traffic management systems to improve environmental and urban safety while developing new services for citzens and municipal utilities:

  • Outdoor smart street lighting: networks and lights in all types of developments, public spaces and roads
  • High-energy performance lighting solutions (LEDs) and adaptation to usages: control of lighting duration according to neighbourhoods and sites, modulation of light intensity according to time of year or place (school outings, festive events, etc.).
  • Implementation of smart management systems (remote management, supervision, hypervision, smart lamp posts, smart lighting, light bubbles, individual management of lighting at the light point, detection of available parking spaces, real-time monitoring of traffic conditions).
  • Architectural illumination to magnify your monuments and iconic spaces
  • Low carbon mobility solutions
  • 4G/5G WiFi hotspots integrated into the smart street light network
  • CO2 monitoring, air quality and noise monitoring under Environmental protection and sustainability

Our smart cities services at a glance

ENGIE Solutions

Delivering true value
by eliminating the need for capital expenditure and guaranteing performance through our design, financing, installation, and operations model.

Maximum energy efficiency
through quality-tested LED solutions and a professional light management system for individual dimming profiles and event control; adaptive light to DIN 13201-1:2020.

Attractiveness and quality of life
through intelligent night-time dimming, pleasant light color selection, light on demand (individual push-button request).

Smart city auxiliary features
in the same wireless network and user-friendly dashboards: for example, air quality and noise monitoring, traffic counting, parking availability, citizen information (digital signage), e-mobility.

Environmental protection and sustainability
directed “traveling” light which protects against light pollution; Use of insect-friendly light colors and certified materials that take into account extended life cycles and recycling.

Safety through lighting solutions
that illuminate dangerous areas bright as day (including alarm) within seconds after certain event detection (noise level sensor, audio fingerprint, call for help detector).

Operation optimized lighting control
through platform-based lighting solution in a radio-connected infrastructure (for example LoRaWAN) via powerful controllers.

Smart city solutions
by developing concepts for customer-specific applications, such as resource-saving through water and sanitation: save resources and manage the service in real time, waste minimization and optimization, where data sources, sensors and actuators are perfectly coordinated and orchestrated.