Improving learning outcomes with smarter, safer and more efficient environments

ENGIE Solutions provides schools and education campuses – from nurseries, primary and secondary schools right through to colleges, universities and even libraries – with energy, technical services and building intelligence technology that delivers safer, smarter and more efficient learning environments.

Our wealth of experience in working with clients in both public and private education is what gives us the knowledge and the know-how to deliver continuous improvement and outstanding results.

ENGIE Solutions provides a single and convenient source, ensuring best design, efficient installation and optimised management. Our innovative systems are fully backed with world-class customer service and technical support throughout the Middle East.

Importantly, ENGIE Solutions setting the standard in environmental responsibility. We have transitioned to low carbon energy throughout the world, and we will work with you to improve efficiency and use the latest technology to care for the planet while improving learning outcomes.

ENGIE’s strategy echoes significantly with the climate emergency movement headed by the academic sector. Thousands of universities and colleges from around the world join the current wave of climate emergency declarations. The higher education plan commits signatories to going carbon neutral by 2030 or by 2050 at the very latest. It also features pledges to mobilise more resources for climate research and skills creation and enhance the delivery of environmental and sustainability education. ENGIE Solutions and universities partner to pave the path towards becoming carbon neutral.

Complimentary Relationship to Drive Innovation

ENGIE Solutions


Core Mission

Global leader in energy infrastructure services and sustainability

Student education, public engagement, and world-class research


Managing large capital-intensive projects and energy operations per industry best practices

Fostering creativity and innovation to cultivate the next generation of thought-leaders and address unsolved problems

Empowering Partner
  • Scholarship, internships, endowments
  • Research partnership (e.g., implmentation sandbox)
  • Industry best practices to inform research, sustainability curriculum
  • Cutting-edge science and engine and engineering expertise
  • High visibility for demonstrating innovation
  • Ambitious targets and will to take on high-impact projects

Why choose ENGIE Solutions?

  • Our energy solutions enable you to reduce energy consumption, save money, create self-supply networks, reduce your carbon footprint and earn additional income.
  • Our technology solutions help you create smart facilities and embrace the resulting efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Our integrated service solutions help you to optimise resources, reduce costs and focus your skills on core activities.
  • Our client engagement solutions will deliver continuous improvements that provide long-term benefits for your organisation.

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