ENGIE Solutions manages and operates some of the most prestigious real estate in the region. Our services are tailored to achieving your business needs, whether you have a commercial, residential or mixed-use estate.

We understand the criticality of our services in ensuring your property can be marketed as best in its class in terms of environment and service quality. Our focus on the competitiveness of the real estate industry leads us to optimise your facilities through our smart technology and energy management solutions, to achieve low-carbon goals. ENGIE Solutions aims to ensure that service charges provide optimum value to owners or occupants without compromising asset life – something that critically impacts the return on investment of an asset.

The way we operate buildings and infrastructure is transformed by the use of Smart Building Technology. We combine our technical insights with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and open protocol technology to improve visibility and understanding of costs across your portfolio.

Ultimately, our aim is to drive down your operating expenses through operations and maintenance (O&M) and energy optimisation, while improving capital expenditure by focusing on asset lifecycle.

Solutions at very step of the value chain

Our range of contract models is designed to fit your situation and budget

Engineering procurement







Energy Supply

Performance contracts

Utilities "As-a-service"

Turnkey offers

Why choose ENGIE Solutions?

  • Our energy solutions enable you to reduce energy consumption, save money, create self-supply networks, reduce your carbon footprint and earn additional income.
  • Our technology solutions help you create smart facilities and embrace the resulting efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Our integrated service solutions help you to optimise resources, reduce costs and focus your skills on core activities.
  • Our client engagement solutions will deliver continuous improvements that provide long-term benefits for your organisation.

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