IFM revolutionising Saudi Arabia’s mega projects

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IFM revolutionising Saudi Arabia’s mega projects

Abdullah Sibai, KSA General Manager, ENGIE Solutions, discusses the crucial role of integrated facilities management in running Saudi Arabia’s mega projects.

What distinctive ways does IFM benefit the management of giga projects?

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) offers numerous advantages for managing giga projects, particularly in terms of cost reduction, sustainability, and operational efficiency. By identifying areas of inefficient spending, optimizing processes, and consolidating services, IFM can help businesses achieve substantial cost savings ranging from 15-25%. Furthermore, IFM contributes to sustainability efforts by developing action plans to reduce operational emissions, optimize energy consumption, manage waste effectively, and allocate resources efficiently. These measures support a project’s sustainability targets and promote a more environmentally friendly approach.

IFM also plays a vital role in ensuring large-scale projects’ smooth operation and longevity. Through proactive maintenance, IFM minimizes downtime and extends the lifespan of critical equipment, which is crucial for massive infrastructure projects. By consolidating facilities management efforts, IFM takes advantage of economies of scale, enabling more favorable contract negotiations with suppliers and service providers, leading to additional cost reductions. Moreover, centralizing all facilities management responsibilities under a single team streamlines vendor management, reduces administrative overhead, and enhances cost-effectiveness. Lastly, IFM provides better control over tasks, renovations, and upgrades, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient project management amidst the complex coordination required for giga projects.

The International Maritime Industries (IMI) mega project in Saudi Arabia exemplifies the benefits of ENGIE Solutions’ flexible and adaptive FM model. The collaboration between IMI’s Facilities Management and Support Services (FM&SS) and ENGIE’s Facility Management Agent (FMA) teams harnessed collective expertise from diverse fields, enabling the implementation of tailored solutions such as bespoke pricing methodologies, comprehensive technical libraries, and a custom CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) mobile app to ensure the project’s resilience and adaptability.

Please give examples of the innovations and bespoke solutions the ENGIE FM team offers for data-led decision-making.

ENGIE Solutions is revolutionizing asset operations for cities, communities, industries, and properties to reduce their carbon footprint through its cutting-edge Smart O&M platform. This cloud-based solution leverages data from connected assets to support an industrialized operating model and smart solutions, including asset-based, condition-based, and ‘as-a-service’ models. By integrating Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), AI-driven predictive maintenance algorithms, and service management modules, ENGIE Solutions enables customers to transition from traditional cost management to data-driven approaches that boost business productivity. This shift results in environmental and operational efficiencies, improved service quality, and reduced costs.

The platform achieves O&M savings through condition-based asset maintenance, optimizing maintenance hours and manpower. ENGIE Solutions offers a guaranteed contract cost reduction upfront as part of the proposal. Energy savings between 5-15% are achieved using asset analytics and energy capabilities, which are used to identify and implement operational energy efficiency savings.

How are ENGIE’s IFM solutions beneficial in meeting Saudi Arabia’s challenges and its sustainability goals?

ENGIE’s initiatives are closely aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which includes a strategic framework to diversify the Kingdom’s energy mix, adopt best practices in FM, and accelerate digital transformation.

While attracting foreign direct investment to the Kingdom, ENGIE simultaneously works to enhance human capital efficiency by transferring knowledge to the local workforce to support Saudi Arabia’s long-term growth. Dedicated and continuous training programmes, local talent acquisition, and career development are critical to ENGIE’s mission. The company has specific targets across each of its projects regarding local job creation to ensure a certain percentage of Saudi hires. Moreover, ENGIE has collaborated with the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) and the Ministry of Investment to support practical and vocational training programmes both in and outside of the Kingdom to ensure that the Saudi workforce can meet the long-term demands of the labour market.

Additionally, prioritizing health & safety (H&S) through a collaborative approach with all stakeholders helps define H&S standards for ENGIE’s KSA operations. For example, ENGIE Solutions’ “No life at risk” philosophy means implementing various practices that apply to everyone, both employees and contractors. This philosophy is tied to a broader, global vision of “ENGIE One Safety,” whose goal is to achieve the sustainable elimination of serious and fatal accidents for all workers.

How is ENGIE using IoT and AI to enable exceptional operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness?

ENGIE Solutions harnesses the power of IoT and AI technologies to achieve remarkable operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By integrating IoT sensors, AI technologies, and CAFM systems, ENGIE enables real-time facility monitoring and management, enhancing operational efficiency through predictive maintenance and data-driven decision-making. These technologies contribute to cost savings by optimizing asset management and improving the user experience for employees and visitors.

The Smart O&M platform, which utilizes IoT and AI, supports an industrialized operating model and smart solutions, enabling predictive maintenance to reduce costs, prevent unexpected shutdowns, optimize parts inventory, and improve capital expenditure planning. Implementing Smart O&M and IoT integration, along with developing Bespoke Pricing Methodologies, results in significant financial savings and enhanced project sustainability.

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