ALSAYER Holding conducted a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle workshop for Teachers of Ministry of Education in cooperation with ENGIE Solutions Kuwait


Kuwait, January 19, 2022: ALSAYER Holding Technical Training center recently conducted a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle workshop for Teachers of the Ministry of Education in partnership with ENGIE Solutions, an international leader in sustainable energy solutions at ALSAYER Multipurpose Hall in Ardiya. Experts from ENGIE Solutions demonstrated the technologies and capabilities behind EVBox, an advanced all-in-one EV charging platform that incorporates charging stations, software, and services all in one place.

The training involved 87 teachers to illustrate the latest technologies in hybrid and electric vehicles and their spread in the world soon to enable sustainable low-carbon growth for current and future generations & achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals in line with Kuwait National Development Plan 2035.

According to Mr. Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer, Executive Board Member & Sustainability Committee Chairman “we are pleased to conduct such technical workshops & share the latest technologies in automotive field with MOE teachers. ALSAYER Holding ultimate goal is to drive positive changes in the lives of our stakeholders & convince for fuel efficient product variants and promote environment friendly innovative products like hybrid, electric with low emitting mobility solutions & enhance sustainability practices at all levels to face global challenges such as climate change & natural resource depletion and degradation.”

The event was appreciated by Eng. Keefah Ibrahim Jamsheer, the General Director of Practical Studies MOE. She said “the role played by ALSAYER Holding to serve the community in the economic, social and cultural levels, and its keenness to cooperate with MOE in preparing and implementing training workshops for teachers of practical studies about Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars, to contribute to spreading environmental awareness among the segments of society by displaying the newest technologies, that will benefit the educational environment”.

Mr. Yassine Lafhail, General Manager of ENGIE Solutions Kuwait, said: “At ENGIE, the transportation industry is a key area of development, as this sector is responsible for 23% of global CO2 emissions and is heavily dependent on oil. Today, the transformation to green mobility and carbon neutrality is quite essential, as more companies are incorporating these goals into their business operations. To meet this challenge, we are developing urban planning and advisory activities, as well as public transport solutions which include: electrification, signal system installations, service optimization and embedding alternative fuels such as hydrogen, electric mobility and natural gas. Other innovations include the development of smart and digital platforms that can also improve traffic fluidity.”

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