ALSAYER, TrashTag Kuwait and ENGIE Solutions Partner to Provide Safe Drinking Water to Communities in Kuwait


Kuwait – December 2021:
The NPO TrashTag Kuwait, ENGIE Solutions and ALSAYER Holding have teamed up for ‘Project My Mai’, an initiative that aims to build a sustainable, safe and clean drinking water supply system among low-income communities in Kuwait. This collaboration will include new tap water filter systems to be installed, or provide periodical replacements to filter cartridges for the health and wellbeing of the community. Employees, volunteers and partners have installed 250 water filters to provide over 2,500 people with safe and secure access to water.

Project My Mai applied an innovative “bottom-up” approach to guarantee mission success while ensuring viable access to clean water to beneficiaries. 15 volunteers contributed 550 hours after receiving training from 3 water filtration technicians. Meanwhile, local purchase of equipment has contributed to a circular economy while enriching local communities with knowledge and expertise on addressing water security challenges, as well as providing on-the-ground opportunities for innovating and implementing a range of practical solutions for clean and efficient water supply.

As a CSR-focused project, My Mai supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 17, which promote access to clean, reliable, and affordable water supply, to help build resilient communities. Additionally, this project will divert approximately two million plastic water bottles from landfills and reduce water pollution by replacing bottled water with filtered tap water.

Carina Maceira, Co-Founder, TrashTag Kuwait, said: “This project will have long-term benefits for the health of the community and the environment. Kuwait tap water adheres to the highest WHO international standards. However, as contaminated household water sources require water filters, the public becomes forced to turn to purified bottled water, which generates substantial plastic waste and long-term environmental costs.”

Yassine Lafhail, General Manager of ENGIE Solutions Kuwait, said: “We endeavour to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities where we operate as part of our CSR programs. Our engagement with the ‘My Mai Project’ leverages our expertise in energy and water solutions to improve the lives of residents through the provision of clean water. We look forward to expanding this project to more areas in Kuwait to help ensure community wellness, contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing plastic pollution and the associated carbon footprint.”

Nehad Al-Hajj Ali, GM of Corporate Excellence at ALSAYER commented: “My Mai Project reflects the importance of bringing stakeholders together to innovate and find new ways to address lack of access to clean water, environmental protection, and provide support to communities facing economic challenges.”

The TrashTag Kuwait, ENGIE Solutions, and ALSAYER Holding partnership has established an innovative, sustainable and comprehensive model for addressing community concerns, by fostering volunteering and inclusiveness programs for the people, protecting the environment, delivering green energy and services and developing sustainable infrastructure and smart mobility solutions to support positive social and environmental change.

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