The Solar Show KSA

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Date: October 30-31, 2023

Location: Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Saudi Arabia

About the Event: The Solar Show KSA

The Solar Show KSA is the perfect place to meet fellow leaders from across industries, discover true disruptive solution providers, and hear about how they are revolutionizing their businesses through innovative energy solutions as KSA moves towards a sustainable energy mix.

ENGIE Solutions at The Solar Show KSA

Distributed Solar PV Solutions: Unlock Business Value with Decarbonization

Expediting the journey towards achieving Net Zero necessitates that every company engages in crucial deliberations regarding the necessary actions and strategies to adopt, catering to both short-term and long-term objectives. This is particularly relevant as decarbonization is a multifaceted, long-term endeavour in a world that often prioritizes quick wins. One of the decarbonization levers that meets this challenge without compromising between the short and long-term: Distributed Solar (PV) solution – which delivers both immediate and long-term benefits.

ENGIE Solutions demonstrates its capabilities with Distributed Solar PV by the value we bring to industrial customers and buildings by helping them to lower energy costs, rein in carbon emissions and ensure a more dependable power supply – especially for industrials that are located remotely and away from the grid.

As a Gold Sponsor of The Solar Show KSA 2023, ENGIE Solutions will be at Booth #N40, where attendees can interact with our experts to learn how our Distributed Solar PV solutions and other energy efficient solutions can boost the supply of clean, stable and affordable power in the KSA region helping organizations accelerate their Net Zero journey.

Speaking Sessions

Keynote Session: Harnessing the Power of Distributed Solar PV – Accelerating Decarbonization for Maximum Business Value

Date: 30 October 2023 | 5:30 pm KSA

Speaker: Yvon Mompeyssin, Head of On-site Solar & Storage, ENGIE Solutions GCC

In the contemporary business landscape, the primary compass for most enterprises revolves around financial objectives, performance and business growth. Consequently, many organizations fail to give due prominence to sustainability concerns. This lack of emphasis on climate action results in missed opportunities for significant advantages. Notably, specific measures for decarbonization can yield immediate cost savings. For industries, the installation of solar panels not only reduces carbon emissions but also curtails energy expenditures. Furthermore, prioritizing climate action and bolstering sustainability efforts not only enhances competitiveness but also holds the potential for long-term profitability.

Join this session to understand:

  • How harnessing the clean, renewable energy from solar photovoltaic systems can propel your business towards a sustainable, cost-efficient future
  • How can industrials reduce carbon footprint, cut energy costs, and generate revenue
  • Benefits of distributed solar PV and start your journey to a greener, more resilient business today

Track Session: Structuring the Solar BOOT model for Industrial and Commercial Companies

Date: 30 October 2023 | 7:20 pm KSA

Speaker: Nimish Lahoti, Head of Project Development – Onsite Solar, ENGIE Solutions GCC

The Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) model for solar projects can be an advantageous approach for industrial and commercial companies looking to implement solar energy systems. Implementing the Solar BOOT model for industrial and commercial companies requires careful planning, legal diligence, and collaboration with experienced partners. It allows businesses to leverage solar energy without the upfront capital costs while advancing sustainability goals and reducing energy expenses.

Join this session to understand the structured framework for implementing the Solar BOOT model.

Our Speakers

Yvon Mompeyssin

Head of On-site Solar & Storage
ENGIE Solutions GCC

Nimish Lahoti

Head of Project Development – On-site Solar
ENGIE Solutions GCC

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