ENGIE Solutions leads the field regionally and globally in our ability to deliver uptime or uninterrupted service availability to the most critical infrastructure, to guarantee the continuous operation of cities, estates and developments.

Infrastructure services are vital not only to cities but also to ensure availability of services to secondary developments supporting communities, such as commercial and residential buildings, transport systems, schools or hospitals

ENGIE Solutions continuously invests to develop its in-house skills, its people, support processes and technology, to ensure that developers, asset owners or municipalities are provided with reliable, round the clock operation, maintenance, and repair services, guaranteeing the performance of traffic systems, street lighting, roads, landscaping, district cooling, water, drainage and power systems.

Our in-house competencies ensure that we provide integrated management and operation of technical and soft services, whatever the size or criticality of the infrastructure may be. The services are also complemented by our capability to retrofit renewable energy and green mobility solutions to ensure the development of sustainable cities, developments and communities.

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Why choose ENGIE Solutions?

  • Our energy solutions enable you to reduce energy consumption, save money, create self-supply networks, reduce your carbon footprint and earn additional income.
  • Our technology solutions help you create smart facilities and embrace the resulting efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Our integrated service solutions help you to optimise resources, reduce costs and focus your skills on core activities.
  • Our client engagement solutions will deliver continuous improvements that provide long-term benefits for your organisation.

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