One solution for your transport needs

With transportation infrastructure and systems critical to ensuring the mobility of cities, this is one of the fastest-growing sectors in response to the challenges of rising global population. It is also one of the most energy-intensive, with significant operational and cost challenges.

ENGIE Solutions provides bespoke solutions to meet these challenges in airports and ground transportation. We deliver integrated service solutions, including critical systems maintenance and energy services, to support transport operators in optimising the overall efficiency of their operations.

Our local operational teams combine ENGIE’s global expertise with sector-specific experience and the application of the latest smart building and energy management technology, helping transport operators to reduce costs and provide a safe, comfortable and efficient passenger experience.

Why choose ENGIE Solutions?

  • Our energy solutions enable you to reduce energy consumption, save money, create self-supply networks, reduce your carbon footprint and earn additional income.
  • Our technology solutions help you create smart facilities and embrace the resulting efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Our integrated service solutions help you to optimise resources, reduce costs and focus your skills on core activities.
  • Our client engagement solutions will deliver continuous improvements that provide long-term benefits for your organisation.


The timeliness and quality of services, for both passengers and airlines, are of paramount importance when it comes to airport operations. ENGIE Solutions enables this through the provision of customised, long-term, cost efficient, and superior operations and management (O&M), facilities management, and energy solutions.


Ground Transportation

ENGIE Solutions offers a comprehensive range of operational and green mobility solutions to ensure the efficiency of ground transportation assets and transform the way energy is used.

Green Mobility

Urban congestion can be reduced by connecting road infrastructure to communication technologies and limiting the use of individual means of transport.


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