Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

With the Middle East region joining global efforts to cut carbon emissions drastically and fight climate change, a sustainable building sector will play a vital role in helping reach these objectives. Apart from greenfield real estate projects in the Middle East, massive sustainability gains also exist in greening existing property stock.

The key to achieving energy efficiency involves implementing strategies that decrease energy demand and promote the use of environmentally friendly energy sources. One effective approach is to focus on retrofitting buildings, which enhances energy utilization in areas such as air conditioning, ventilation, and other mechanical and electrical systems. Significant energy savings can be achieved by optimizing HVAC systems in particular, as heating and cooling alone typically represent 40 to 60 percent of the total energy expenses for commercial buildings, thereby paving the way for energy transition.

As an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO), ENGIE Solutions specializes in delivering customized finance and guaranteed energy efficiency solutions that significantly reduce energy consumption for our customers. Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive approach to optimizing diverse building types and industrial plants.

We achieve this by deploying smart technologies, energy-efficient equipment, and carbon-free solutions through the design, installation, and operation phases. Our services are delivered through performance-based contracts customized to meet our customers’ unique needs, specific industry sectors, and the criticality of their facilities.

Additionally, we equip you with financing options for the implementation of smart building systems and energy retrofits, including renewable energy solutions. These financing arrangements are based on guaranteed or shared energy-saving plans, with an agreed payback period.

ENGIE Solutions, a leader in energy efficiency

336,966,555 kWh

Accumulated Energy Reduction

197,603,520 kg

Accumulated Co2 Abatement

$ 38,336,604

Accumulated Cost Savings

Unlock hidden business value

Energy Efficiency

Reduced Energy Consumption

Energy savings covers planned investment costs regardless of whether an investment performance is guaranteed or not

Energy Efficiency

Energy Security

Energy solutions that guarantee security for your business through equipment redundancy or reliability evaluations

Energy Efficiency

Integrated Solutions

Our Build, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model guarantees operational and financial efficiency, timely project delivery and performance excellence

Energy Efficiency

Financed Models

Our Build, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model allows you to focus on your core business while we take on the upfront costs of designing and constructing the project 

Energy Efficiency

Reduced Operating Costs

Customized energy solutions that provide optimal cost-benefits for your business  


Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency


Case Studies

A leading medical university in Saudi Arabia unlocks 32% energy savings with ENGIE’s Energy Efficiency Solution

Our client, a leading medical university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and a world-class health care complex located in Riyadh, had an annual energy consumption of 133 GWh in 2019. The university wanted to unlock energy efficiency by implementing strategies that decreased energy demand and promoted the use of environmentally friendly energy sources.

ENGIE’s energy efficiency solution focused on retrofitting the university buildings, which would significantly enhance energy utilization in areas such as air conditioning, ventilation, and other mechanical and electrical systems. Energy saving measures that were implemented led to the reduction in current energy consumption by 32% which is the equivalent of SAR 13.58M in annual cost savings.

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How Aldar Properties, UAE generated energy savings of approximately 12,843,301 kWh / Year and reduced their carbon emissions to 7,590 tonnes of CO₂ annually?

Our client, Aldar Properties, one of the most trusted and recognized real estate lifestyle developers in the UAE, wanted to take proactive measures towards reducing their carbon footprint. The primary step to achieving this goal was to fully understand their energy consumption and put in place measures to ensure that they are efficient across all owned and managed assets.

With ENGIE’s Energy Efficiency solution, Aldar reduced their energy emissions that enabled them to save approximately AED 40 million per year in energy consumption costs and reduce carbon emissions by 7,590 tonnes of CO2 annually.

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How RAK Economic Zone Authority, UAE reduced their CO2 emissions by 3800 tonnes per year with ENGIE’s energy efficiency solutions?

Our client, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), one of UAE’s leading business and industrial hubs, fulfilled their commitment to sustainability by adopting energy efficiency solutions and moving closer to achieving their green goals. This included a complete retrofitting of RAKEZ facilities covering nine buildings, including a district cooling plant.

The energy conservation measures implemented across RAKEZ buildings included HVAC, lighting, water & building controls that saved approximately AED 2,350,000 savings on utility bill every year and generated annual energy savings of around 5,170,000 kWh/year.

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