At ENGIE Solutions, we believe in providing solutions, not services. We bring to the table integrated, tailor-made, financed, technology-enabled and data-driven solutions, which improve energy and asset performance for cities & communities, industries and properties.

Our clients can count on us to deliver energy-efficient focused solutions that meet their needs, overcome their challenges, and help ensure long-term value, while delivering on our decarbonisation promise.

Energy as a Service

Customised, financed and guaranteed energy efficiency solutions

Cooling as a Service

Pay per use clean and energy-efficient cooling solutions

Integrated Service Solutions

Leading service solutions expertise with a focus on long term asset value and energy efficiency

Smart Technology

Solutions to optimise your OPex (service & energy costs) and CAPex (life cycle costs)

Energry Services


As an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCo), ENGIE Solutions provides customised and guaranteed energy efficiency solutions aimed at drastically reducing consumption for our clients. Our expertise combines unique skills in optimising all types of buildings and production plants. We do so through designing, installing and operating smart technologies, energy-efficient equipment, and carbon-free solutions.

Our Ambition: To be your partner to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world


An integrated on-site energy production solution to implement decarbonisation projects where ENGIE Solutions manages the design, build, finance, and O&M to allow clients to meet their decarbonisation goals.



Cooling as a Service (CaaS) enables our clients to benefit from a clean and energy efficient cooling solution with no capital outlay. You simply pay for the cooling you use; our incentive is to design, finance and install the most energy-efficient cooling solution supported by our expertise in plant maintenance, asset performance and longevity.

On-site Solar PV

ENGIE Solutions builds, owns, and operates a solar PV system behind-the-meter at your site (typically on the rooftop or adjacent vacant land).

The system’s total electricity output will be sold to you at an agreed price and contract term through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Service Solutions

Our integrated service solutions are designed to meet the specific challenges faced by organisations across different sectors. With a local focus, our solutions are demand-led, designed to overcome the challenges your organisation needs to overcome in order for it to grow, and to meet the needs of facilities in order to create a safe, efficient, and comfortable environment for everyone who lives and works within it. ENGIE Solutions integrates in-house service capabilities and technology platforms to save costs for clients, while ensuring satisfaction.

Smart Technology

ENGIE Solutions uses Smart Building Technology to transform the way it operates buildings and infrastructure. Our technical insights provide visibility and understanding of cost across your portfolio, employing the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and open protocol technology.

Smart Building Solutions Block
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Smart Cities & Street Lighting

We have built up a broad range of expertise oriented towards decarbonizing the cities hinged around efficient street lighting and connectivity & traffic management systems to improve environmental and urban safety while developing new services for citzens and municipal utilities.