Hospitality and Retail

ENGIE Solutions understands the critical need of hospitality and retail operators to deliver unique customer experiences, to be a destination of choice where health, safety and cleanliness is carefully managed, to be recognized as a state-of-the-art green and sustainable hotel or retail destination, and ensuring low operating costs while improving quality of services.


ENGIE Solutions offers fully integrated energy and service solutions to meet the specific challenges faced by transport hubs of all sizes. Our global expertise, combined with sector-specific experience and the application of the latest technology, enables us to help transport operators reduce costs, optimise efficiencies and provide safe, comfortable and efficient services for passengers.


At ENGIE Solutions, we work in partnership with both public and private sector healthcare organisations to overcome the challenges faced by health and social care organisations on a daily basis.

Real Estate

ENGIE Solutions manages and operates some of the most prestigious real estate in the region. Our services are tailored to achieving your business needs, whether you have a commercial, residential, or mixed-use estate. We understand the criticality of our services in ensuring your property can be marketed as best in its class in terms of environment and service quality.


Our wealth of experience with clients in both public and private education is what gives us the knowledge and the know-how to deliver continuous improvement and outstanding results. ENGIE Solutions delivers services to a wide range of facilities, from nurseries, primary and secondary schools, through to colleges, universities, and libraries. We understand that every institution requires a unique approach to deliver exceptional standards of learning, and create bespoke solutions to match individual needs.


ENGIE Solutions leads the field, both regionally and globally, for our ability to deliver uptime or uninterrupted service availability to the most critical infrastructure, and to guarantee the continuous operation of cities, estates, and developments. Infrastructure services are vital not only to cities, but also to ensure availability of services to secondary developments that support communities, such as commercial and residential buildings, transport systems, schools and hospitals.


At ENGIE Solutions, we understand that each industry sector faces its own unique challenges. Our industrial division is comprised of seasoned engineers with competencies in a wide array of industrial processes.

Data Centres

ENGIE Solutions leads the way for a greener future with integrated low-carbon and high performance solutions that enable reliable, sustainable, agile and energy efficient data centres.