One solution that puts your patients first

At ENGIE Solutions, we work in partnership with both public and private sector healthcare organisations to overcome the challenges faced by health and social care organisations on a daily basis.

We raise quality standards by investing in green technologies and energy saving opportunities, creating bespoke solutions to support the common goal of improving patient experience.

Healthcare professionals must balance patient demands for comfort and services with risk management, staff expectations, and significant budgetary constraints.

Whether it concerns the management of health risks, the reliability of technical installations and traceability, or the improvement of economic profitability, ENGIE Solutions is at your side and is committed to:

  • Improving the comfort of patients and medical staff
  • Ensuring continuity of service through commitment of results
  • Guaranteeing an irreproachable level of hygiene and safety
  • Ensuring traceability of operations
  • Optimising the operational and energy performance of your buildings and reducing costs

ENGIE Solutions has developed a portfolio of integrated solutions as a response to the transformation of the healthcare sector and its increased performance requirements. These solutions rely on multi-skilled teams, smart technology and the overall management and coordination of on-site or multi-site outsourced services. This approach brings operational efficiency through the pooling of skills and resources which, alongside ENGIE Solutions’ commitment to energy optimisation, helps to ensure consistent quality, performance and cost reduction.

We work with healthcare clients at a strategic level, integrating solutions to assist with all aspects of your estate and facilities environment, including:

  • Lifecycle and project management
  • Total facilities management
  • Business services
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Smart digital solutions

Why choose ENGIE Solutions?

  • Our energy solutions enable you to reduce energy consumption, save money, create self-supply networks, reduce your carbon footprint and earn additional income.
  • Our technology solutions help you create smart facilities and embrace the resulting efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Our integrated service solutions help you to optimise resources, reduce costs and focus your skills on core activities.
  • Our client engagement solutions will deliver continuous improvements that provide long-term benefits for your organisation.

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