Whitepaper - Accelerating Energy Transition with Distributed Solar PV

Whitepaper – Accelerating Energy Transition with Distributed Solar PV

Generating renewable energy on-site stands out as a crucial approach for organizations aiming to decrease carbon emissions, reduce costs and reach Net Zero. As organizations explore on-site options, distributed solar PV is an attractive solution for most sustainable energy strategies. Distributed solar PV is one of the decarbonization levers that can deliver both immediate and long-term benefits.

However, when considering the adoption of distributed solar PV technology for both decarbonization and business impact, organizations often find themselves uncertain about the initial steps. The challenges associated with implementation must be effectively addressed. Collaborating with a global partner to develop portfolio-wide programs ensures the quality and performance of installations, paving the way for standardized practices across sites and fostering an expeditious and widespread deployment.

Read the whitepaper to know how cities, communities and industries can tap into distributed solar’s transformative potential to accelerate their energy transition journey.